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I See You

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

I see you. Trying to act casual and fade into the background, hoping nobody notices you. I watch you checking things out, looking at groups of people talking and laughing. In this massive swirl of humanity, you stand out. You don’t belong. You’re alone, out of place. You don’t interact with the people around you. You’re not engaging with your surroundings, only waiting.

Who are you waiting for? Someone who perhaps isn’t paying enough attention? A young woman who is preoccupied with her smartphone, has her arms full, or seems dejected and is walking alone? You probably have the perfect woman in mind.

What will you do when you see her? Will you offer her your assistance? Will you flirt with her in an attempt to lure her to a more private place? Will you ask for directions, tell her your child is lost, ask her to help you find your elderly parent, offer her free concert tickets…or will you tell her that she’s beautiful and you’re looking for models just like her? And when your ruse works, what happens next?

It doesn’t matter what you’re planning. It doesn’t matter, because I see you, and I’ll take action. Law enforcement, security personnel, vigilant parents, and “watchdogs” of all types…we all see you. And you won’t leave here with a victim. Not today.

Stay safe!

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