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What's the Best Weapon?

When you need to defend yourself, the best weapon is the one you have. In a perfect world, I'd choose the "best" weapon based on my skill and comfort level with that weapon; the proximity, skill level, physical ability, and number of attackers; the availability of help (to me or them); lighting and terrain; and most importantly, my ability to escape rather than engage.

However, there are times when an improvised weapon -- an everyday object that's not generally considered a weapon -- can be used effectively as a self defense tool. Trapped in your bathroom? Anything from a hot curling iron to hairspray to a shower curtain rod or the ceramic lid of toilet tank could be used in your defense. Accosted while working in your yard? A rake, spade, weedeater, garden hose, or downed limb can work in your favor.

The important thing is to be aware of your surroundings and take advantage of the resources available to you. Today, I encourage you to think creatively as you go about your day and consider what you might be able to put to use in a self defense situation.

Be aware, and stay safe!

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