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Call the Police

If you're in an altercation of any kind, I urge you to call the police. If you're threatened verbally or physically, assaulted in any way, stalked, or fear for your safety, call 9-1-1.

Don't hesitate to report suspicious activity, threats, stalking, or assault. Don't minimize the situation just because the outcome wasn't horrific. Just because you got away uninjured doesn't mean the next person will. Don't let embarrassment or inconvenience get in the way of reporting what happened.

Most businesses and parking lots have security cameras, as do many homes, so there may be video footage to back up or provide context for your report.

If someone stole money or property from you, you likely wouldn't hesitate to report it. By the same token, you should call the police if someone "steals" your safety or wellbeing through assault, harassment, stalking or threats. It's the sensible, responsible thing to do...your safety is worth so much more than any "stuff!"

Be aware, make safe choices, and stay safe!

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