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Frequently Asked Questions...
and Answers!
  • What is Taekwon-Do, anyway?"
    According to founder General Choi, Hong Hi, "Taekwon-Do is the mental training and techniques of unarmed combat for self defense as well as health. It involves the skilled application of punches, kicks, blocks and dodges with bare hands and feet for the rapid destruction of a moving opponent or opponents."
  • Who can participate in classes?
    Anyone who has access to the Choctaw Wellness Center is welcome; due to class length and size, students should be age 10 or older. A waiver is required to participate.
  • Do you have kids' classes?
    Due to time constraints, we do not offer kids-only classes. Our classes are appropriate for age 10 and older, and include adults of all ages. It's important that we provide a safe, focused learning environment for ALL of our students, and we aren't able to give younger children the attention they require.
  • How much do classes cost?
    There is no charge for our classes. Students have the option of simply working out, or learning more advanced techniques and progressing through the Taekwon-Do ranks. Each color belt rank test costs $35 to cover certification fees, belt/stripes, breaking materials, test board, etc. Students can test as often as every 3 months, depending on attendance, aptitude, and practice outside of class. Students may purchase a Taekwon-Do uniform through the instructor for $35; it includes jacket, pants, white belt, Red River Taekwon-Do patch, and USA flag patch. Yom Chi Taekwon-Do Association membership, which renews each September, is $30 per person and $15 for each additional family member. Membership is strongly recommended, and includes discounts in all YCTA activities like tournaments, seminars, and camps.
  • What should I wear?  Do I need a uniform?
    Be comfortable! Lightweight stretchy fabrics, such as gymwear or sweats will work just fine. We do work out barefoot, so please trim your toenails for the safety of others. We wear traditional, white "crossover" Taekwon-do uniforms, which may be ordered through the instructor for $35 (includes pants, jacket, white belt, USA flag patch and Red River Taekwon-Do patch), or purchased from Century Martial Arts or elsewhere.
  • What should I expect for my first class?
    Come ready to work out and learn! Trying a class will give you a much better idea than watching a class. Our classes include an opening ceremony, warm-up, instruction on 2-3 different aspects of Taekwon-Do, cool-down and closing ceremony.
  • What are the belt ranks and colors?
    10th gup - white belt 9th gup - white belt with yellow stripe ("high white belt") 8th gup - yellow belt 7th gup - yellow belt with green stripe 6th gup - green belt 5th gup - green belt with blue stripe 4th gup - blue belt 3rd gup - blue belt with red stripe 2nd gup - red belt 1st gup - red belt with black stripe I Dan blackbelt (novice) II Dan blackbelt (novice) III Dan blackbelt (novice) IV Dan blackbelt (expert) V Dan blackbelt (expert) VI Dan blackbelt (expert) VII Dan blackbelt - Master VIII Dan blackbelt - Master IX Dan blackbelt - Grandmaster
  • Do I need any special gear?
    No special equipment is needed, although Taekwon-Do uniforms are very comfortable and allow freedom of movement. Uniforms are required prior to participating in a formal Taekwon-Do event, such as a belt test, tournament, seminar, or camp. Sparring gear is recommended for all students: Headgear, gloves, footgear, mouthpiece, and groin protection for male students. Sparring gear is not required until a student reaches 7th gup, or chooses to participate in a tournament.
  • Is there a chance I'll get hurt?
    Red River Taekwon-Do takes student safety very seriously. No horseplay is allowed, and everyone will receive instructions on proper form. However, we can't promise you won't get a bump or bruise at some point. We do hands-on self defense, light contact sparring, breakfalls, jumping, midair/flying kicks, rolls, and many other activities that can cause injury if not performed correctly. Accidents can happen, but we carefully monitor every class, and provide consistent instruction.
  • Do I have to participate in tournaments?
    Yes, in order to be a well-rounded Taekwon-Do student, you must participate in tournaments. Tournament events typically include Patterns, Sparring, and Breaking. Some tournaments also include events such as self defense, speed kicking, blindfold patterns, etc. Red River Taekwon-Do typically hosts a tournament each year.
  • Do you do full contact sparring?  Is this like MMA?
    At no point do we teach or allow full contact sparring, nor do we practice Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). White and yellow belt students will practice "no-contact" sparring as they learn techniques, safety and coordinated attacks and defenses. The purpose of Taekwon-Do is not to fight, but to give students tools for self defense, situational awareness, and to enhance physical fitness. Self defense classes are frequently available. Contact the instructor for information.
  • Can I get private lessons?
    In special situations, private lessons may be available. Contact the instructor for more information.
  • I have some previous training. Can I join your class?
    Sure! If you've trained in another martial arts style, or even had Taekwon-Do training in the past and would like to join our class, please come watch a class or try it out! Our patterns, sparring style, and testing requirements may be different than you're used to. Come to class with an open mind and a good attitude, and we'll take it from there. If you've achieved a belt rank and would like to continue training from that point, that's fine too. Wear your uniform and rank belt, and we'll figure out where you are in our system and move forward from there. Questions? Contact the instructor directly.
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