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Is It Worth Dying For?

In every self defense seminar I teach, I ask participants, “Make a list of everything you’re willing to die for.” I wait three seconds, then ask if anyone needs more time. No one does.

In all the classes I’ve taught, the answers fall into one of three categories:

  • Loved ones – Participants immediately think of their nearest and dearest, as well as those who might not be able to defend themselves. Children, grandchildren, elderly parents, younger siblings, neighbors, friends, and extended family are frequent answers.

  • God – An equally frequent answer involves God, Jesus, spiritual beliefs, church or church family, or freedom of religion.

  • Patriotism – Love of our country and our freedom is the third answer I receive, often coming from military veterans or those with loved ones who are military or police officers.

When the list of true priorities is this short, it’s pretty clear that almost everything else is “just stuff.” We work hard for our wages and the material possessions central to our daily lives like our homes, vehicles, and the things in them. However, “stuff” can be replaced but people can’t. Don’t take chances with your safety and wellbeing.

Stay safe!

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