• Amy Hervey

Keep Showing Up!

Most people never take a single martial arts or self-defense class.  They never take piano lessons, try ballroom dancing, write a blog, start a business, found a charity, run a marathon, teach a class, or author a book.

However, most of us know martial artists, pianists, ballroom dancers, bloggers, business owners, charity founders, marathoners, teachers, and authors.  These things can be done…and they can be done by you, if you so choose.

The hardest part is showing up the first time…when you’re the newbie, the white belt, the novice, the unpublished writer, or the first-time teacher.  Swallow your pride, grab hold of your hope, sprinkle some ambition and courage on top, and show up.

Keep showing up, and you WILL make progress.  Invest some additional time or practice, and you’ll progress more quickly, hone your skills, and be able to employ new and more advanced techniques in your chosen endeavor.

Consider what you wish you had done a year ago, or even 10 years ago.  Now, take the first step.  Sign up, show up, and keep showing up.

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