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When You Need Help, Every Moment Counts

When you call for help, it’s important that emergency personnel can identify your location and find you quickly. When help is on the way, every moment counts.

Situational awareness

If you’re not at home, be aware of your location and surroundings so you can describe your location and provide directions to a dispatcher if necessary. Pay special attention to intersections, mile markers, street names, and nearby landmarks.

House numbers

Make sure your home address is clearly visible, day or night. Put large, reflective address numbers on your mailbox, curb, gate, or front entry. Look at the location from the perspective of someone who is arriving for the first time. Is your address easy to see? Are there landmarks nearby that could be used to help identify your location?

Help is on the way

When you dial 911, do your best to stay calm, speak clearly, and provide useful information that will help first responders understand your situation and get to you quickly.

Stay safe!

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